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Puerto Rican Festival – Rochester, NY
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The 50th Annual Puerto Rican festival will be held August 16th - 18th, 2019 at the Frontier Field VIP Parking Lot.  Join us for 3 days of live music, food, cultural events, celebrity guests, and much more.

This year’s festival will feature headliner performances by:

Friday August 16th, 2019 

N'klabe | Grupo Mania

Saturday August 17th, 2019 

Las BomPleneras | Alex Bueno | RKM y Ken Y

Sunday August 18th, 2019

Grupo Mapeye | El Gran Combo


This year’s Line Up:


N'klabe | Grupo Mania


Las BomPleneras | Alex Bueno | RKM y Ken Y


Grupo Mapeye | El Gran Combo


DAY 1 Friday, August 16

4:00pm - Opening Ceremonies

5:00pm - Borinquen Dance Theatre

6:00pm - Banda Light

7:30pm - N'Klabe

9:30pm - Grupo Mania

DAY 2 Saturday, August 17

12:00pm - PR Parade

1:30pm - Geland y los Alegres

2:45pm - Latin Swing

4:00pm - Natevo

5:15pm - Las Bom Pleneras

6:45pm - Local Bands Tribute

8:15pm - Alex Bueno

10:00pm - RKM y Ken Y

DAY 3 Sunday, August 18

12:00pm - Boxing (presented by Fight Factory)

3:00pm - La Muralla

4:30pm - Grupo Mapeye

6:00pm - El Gran Combo




2019 5K Registration 2019 PRFI Vendor Letter 2019 PRFI Food Vendor Contract 2019 PRFI Non-Food Vendor Contract 2019 Volunteer Application 2019 Volunteer Waiver 2019 Agency Fair Letter 2019 Agency Fair Application 2019 PR Parade Application



Vino Con Sabor is a wine tasting paired with Puerto Rican cuisine. This event focuses in pairing our cuisine with different wines from New York State. It provides an opportunity to expand our mission and continue to promote unity amongst the Rochester community and understanding of our culture. In addition, the event aides attendees in the development of wine etiquette, food pairings, and provide an opportunity to network.


Saturday, January 26, 2019 | 8PM

Location: The German House 315 Gregory Street, Rochester, NY

Cost: $15 advanced / $20 at door / $160 Reserved seating (8)

Tickets: Click Hereto purchase your tickets in advance

Age: 21+


Sponsored by:

The Night of Comedy provides a platform for our community to come, enjoy, and laugh as we present different Latino comedians. These range from local to national performers and provide an event for our mature and professional community.



The Latino Film Festival is a daylong event showcasing a variety of films focused on many topics of our Latino culture. We intend to create an enjoyable and educational experience for our community. In addition, create an opportunity for families to come, enjoy, and educate themselves and their children about a particular topic or cultural moment.


Saturday, January 05, 2019 | 7:00pm

The Trulla Navideña or “Parrandas” provide a nostalgic event and educates others of our Puerto Rico traditions. With live traditional music band playing all of the songs we have all grown with and love to sing, this event is very well attended.


Saturday, June 2, 2019 | 2PM

The Miss Puerto Rico Cultural Pageant works to encourage each young lady to be the best she can be, express her individuality, and blossom to her fullest potential. Extreme focus is placed on responsibility, building confidence, and developing leadership skills that are all important characteristics for a successful future.

As part of the process, each young lady works for over five months in various workshops, research, rehearsals, and community activities. Once pageant is complete, the Queen and Princess participate in a variety of parades, festivals, events, and other functions throughout Monroe County and surrounding cities. This gives them an opportunity to learn and grow.


Saturday, June 22, 2019 | 9AM

!!!Purchase your race entry here!!!

Established in 2010 and renamed in 2011 to the SSgt Javier Ortiz Memorial 5k Race & Fitness Walk to honor a local fallen Marine. SSgt Javier Ortiz was a participant in the first annual race, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to honor his memory each year. We are grateful for our community’s participation and support in this event, as it shows remarkable commitment to family health and well-being. The biography of SSgt Javier Ortiz can be found below:

Javier Ortiz, born in Cayey, Puerto Rico on September 7, 1984 moved to Rochester at the age of 7 along with his family. His parents Gloria Rivera and Orlando Ortiz, older brother Orlando Ortiz and younger sister Glory Ortiz continued to reside in Rochester. Javier attended Monroe Middle School and Edison Technical High School where he received his High School diploma. While at Edison Tech, he was in the JROTC program and began to have a passion for military.

Upon graduating from High School, he enrolled in the early entry program in the US Marine. He entered boot camp summer of 2001 and from there began a life filled with joy as he so proudly served as a Marine. In 2003 he went on his first tour to Iraq during the initial entry into Iraq. He was later stationed in Japan for 1 year and returned to North Carolina where he was stationed permanently. Javier went on to complete a tour in Afghanistan and another in Iraq.

During this time, Javier began a family in North Carolina with wife Veronica Ortiz Rivera and his 3 children, Alyssa, Andrew, and Anthony. He loved his family very much and took time out to spend time with his family, especially in the leading months nearing deployment.

On September 3, 2010 Javier was deployed on his 2nd tour to Afghanistan and 4th total in his 9 years as a Marine. He achieved a rank of Staff Sergeant and Platoon Leader. On November 16, 2010 Javier was killed by an IED roadside bomb while on foot patrol in an Afghanistan province. Javier was brought home to Rochester where he was well received by the community. By his request, he was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Javier was 26 years old.

Javier represents all of the fallen soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our Freedom. Javier also brings to light the contribution of Latino Soldiers who have defended America in all of its worldwide conflicts for many years.



The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated was formulated in 1969 for the express purpose of celebrating and recognizing the culture of Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans continue to be one of the largest growing Hispanic populations in New York State. This growth now makes Monroe County and the City of Rochester home to the second largest population of Hispanics in New York State.

The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated sponsors a variety of events, which serve to share and celebrate Puerto Rican culture. The Puerto Rican Festival is the longest running cultural festival in the County of Monroe. The festival is an annual three-day event, which averages a daily attendance of 7,000 people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The event will provide the following:

  • Arts - a variety of Hispanic artists are invited to set up booths to exhibit and sell their artwork.
  • Meals - meals are provided by a variety of local vendors, but an emphasis is placed on securing vendors who can provide the typical Puerto Rican cuisine.
  • Agency Fair - this event brings a variety of agencies both public and private to share a wealth of information with many of the members of our local community. The topic areas range from critical health issues Hispanics face to Law Enforcement recruiting.
  • Cultural Pageant - throughout the year leading to the main event held in late summer, a Cultural Pageant allows local female youth to compete for the title of Miss. Puerto Rico of Rochester. This competition requires that applicants attend a weekly self-improvement workshop in areas of public speaking, essay writing, community service and volunteerism, personal goal setting, and much more. The candidates are required to donate time to a community program chosen each year to encourage continued community service and sacrifice.
  • 5k Race and Fitness Walk

In addition to the annual Puerto Rican Festival celebration, the Puerto Rican Festival, Inc hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year which include the following:

  • Parrandas
  • Vino Con Sabor - Wine and food pairing
  • Latino Film Festival
  • Noche De Comedia / Night of Comedy

The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated prides itself on the fact that this festival allows the public free access during the day and only requires an entry fee for the evening activities. The entry fee is kept to a minimum to make the festival a family event in recognition of the value Puerto Ricans place on the family as a whole.


The purpose for which this corporation was formed is to provide artistic and cultural events that fosters the celebration of the history and heritage of people of Puerto Rican descent. The festival promotes unity and understanding among the whole community by providing various activities during the year in celebration of our culture, culminating with the Puerto Rican Festival. It shall be the mission and purpose of the festival to encourage integrity and understanding of the Puerto Rican culture to all residents of the Greater Rochester Community and Western New York.


Our Board of Directors consists of individuals who commit a great deal of their personal time to make sure that every year is a successful one. As a non-for-profit organization, the board has made every effort to ensure that it minimizes all costs and commits every dollar to our events. Meet the board members!




Q. How much is it to get into the festival?

A. - Daily admission = $10
- Weekend pass = $25
- Children (6-12) & Seniors = $5
- Children 5 and under = FREE!!!
- Free Admission Friday & Saturday 12pm - 2pm

Q. Where can I purchase tickets for festival?

A. - Burgos Income Tax - 1816 N. Clinton Ave
- El Pilon Criollo - 973 N. Clinton Ave

Q. What are the festival hours?

A. - Friday 12pm - 11pm
- Saturday 12pm - 11p,m
- Sunday 12pm - 7:30pm

Q. How can I become a vendor or sponsor

A. - If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please email
- If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email

Q. Can I volunteer at the festival?

A. - Absolutely!!! We have a great group of volunteers that make festival possible each year. If you are interested in volunteering please email

Q. What are my parking options?

A. - There is a paid self parking lot across festival grounds managed by Frontier Field
- There is limited on street parking
- We also encourage carpooling, taxi, or public transportation

Q. Are bicycles allowed in the festival?

A. - We don't allow bicycles on-site, however there is a bike rack available for you to store your bike

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. - We don't allow pets on-site

Q. Can I bring food or drinks inside festival?

A. - Unfortunately we don't allow any type of food or drinks

Q. What can I bring into the park?

A. - Lawn chairs, blankets, & umbrellas

Q. Where is first aid located?

A. - Our First Aid is located at the information tent
- We also have an ambulance available throughout the weekend

Q. Where is the lost and found located?

A. - Our lost and found is located at the information tent
- We encourage you to bring any lost children to the information tent to contact appropriate staff member.
- For lost items such as cell phones, keys, or other belongings, please visit information booth. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q. If I leave do I have to pay to come back in?

A. - The Puerto Rican Festival has a "No Re-entry" policy. Once you leave the park, you will need to purchase new ticket


Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester, Inc.
130 N. Winton Road
PO Box 10098
Rochester, NY 14610

(585) 234-7660



Orlando Ortiz:

Vice President

Leslie Rivera:


Yesenia Ramos-Torres:


Fabian Maldonado:

Vendor Coordinator

Wilmarie Velez:

Children's Coordinator

Elizabeth Rosa:

Volunteer Coordinator

Julio Jordan:

Travel & Lodge Coordinator

Rosalie Rivera-Arzuaga:

Member At-Large

Jesus Vega:

Member At-Large

Natalie Rodriguez:

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